Thursday, October 30, 2008

just another blog

I’ve decided to blog too. I have made the conscious decision to do so. Blame it on my husband aka chubbyhubby Blogging is contagious; what can I say.

Initially, my blogs were meant for a selected few vide my friendster (which later was abandoned/forgotten(?)) due to the jumping over to the more ultra speedy connectivity/interactive of/vide facebook.

Blogging is indeed a wonderful now-of-age medium to store memories and share updates with your loved ones and the world at large. My blog shall be my diary. That is what I am adamant to achieve. Something I can look back some day and share with my son once he’s all grown up (which highly likely mostly would be about him and daddy and makan time).

My blog may not be far from what chubbyhubby would be blogging about cause we basically share the same passion ie food and baby teehehehee… but I do hope that it may present itself differently.

I shall try to blog and make my life story a part of yours… the blog would be most about the things that I am/would be most thankful for… some might be things that you would enjoy reading, some might be things that you can associate with…some might be mundane to some but very important to me… but all in all, I hope it shall record the journey of my life.. and one which I hope you would enjoy reading…

After all, even if it is “just another blog”… it is mine …

In the mean time… where to begin.. hmmmm


HERMZZ said...

Start with your history... It always work

chubbyhubby said...

welcome.....muaaaaahhhh....hahaha....happy blogging