Monday, November 3, 2008

shopping and money falling out of the sky

I’ve this “something” about shopping… I suck at it! (For myself I mean). I have no problem buying things for other people in fact am really quite good at it, I’d know exactly what the recipient would need and that I know I put some thoughts into it and I’d be happy with my buy and so would be the recipient (I hope I hope)…

But when it comes to buying things for my self, seriously I suck at it… Plus trying on tones of clothes that don’t fit and somehow or rather would have some flaws would somehow how deter me from doing shopping for myself that I end up recycling my clothes… for years end harhahar (So teruk.. I know!!!)

Except this past few months things have gotten really really bad… Please be advised that I still have my very couture (nicer way of putting it) T-shirt from way back 1997 (I think but highly likely to be correct) which I bought during Sheila Majid’s Ratu Tour concert… and I still wear it to sleep and around the house when I’m just lazing around the house.. it’s so comfy… what can I tell you..

And because of this rut, my husband and I (yes, the both of us) decided to do some shopping… to upgrade our wardrobe…. not an easy task I tell you… Oprah’s make over makes it look so easy... I do wish I had some professional help and endless budget for shopping… (especially the later!!)

When I take a look into my wardrobe… there are only a few that I luuurrve to wear (obviously for the comfort reason only…)

My Tweety bird t-shirt (bear in mind im already in my early 20s… eh.. 30s)
My Guess t-shirt
My Sheila Majid ratu tour t-shirt

Come to think of it, that’s it… wawawawa… if I haven’t washed them for the umpteenth time, I’d be wearing Erwin’s shirts wawawa… if I couldn’t find his shirts, I’ll be scouring my sister’s or my cousin’s t-shirt… I’m pathetic!!!

And all these are just clothes to wear for lazing around at home…

I’ve yet to mention about times where I’d be grumbling to Erwin that I don’t have anything to wear for outings and work even!!!

In fact, I’ve made resolutions to give away some of my non-ironed baju kurung …but then I couldn’t bring myself to cause they’re my back up work clothes in the event that I wake up late and haven’t ironed my work clothes the night before... which is every day… people people I need to get my life.. eh clothes in order!!!

Plus, the fact that I don’t have that much energy to shop (so not fit for my age aiyaaa)… makes it even a slower task... penat2 berenti makan hahaha so most of the time meant to do shopping has gone to filling up my tummy instead (and ever expanding waist line)… gotta lose some more weight (well, that’s a another whole lot of story)

Finding the right style and fashion that suit you is another, making sure what you buy (invest?) will last you a life time (well, you know what I mean…) is another…

There are clothes/shirts that can still fit me but they are no longer suitable for me… I’m now a mummy, a working woman… the least I could do is buy better suited clothes for my age… (Note: Refer to above when I end up borrowing my sister and cousin’s clothes… clothes which are definitely not meant for my age aiyaaaa…)

After giving birth and gaining more “extra” curves … finding clothes that fit is another tremendous task…

I mean, there are many very nice well fitted shirts/leisure wear … but at the same time, the ones that caught my eyes would be very costly… For example, a pair of really nice well cut pants that would look very good on me at G2000 would cost you a hefty sum of RM179… their nicely fitting shirts would start from RM109.00….

If only money would fall out of the sky and right into my wallet… (By the way, that is our hobby… waiting for money to fall out of the sky… kwang kwang kwang)

So last Sat (1/11/2008) and Sun (2/11/2008), Erwin and I scaled the spring… Even that took us forever, getting off our lazy butt to go to the Spring is one thing and we started at 4pm… after attending pengilan that morning and had our naps during noon time…

On Sat, we brought Emir along, so it was a leisurely stroll just looking around and scanning and scanning… (not just the clothes, sizes… but the price tags of course bearing in mind we planned to buy and fill up one whole wardrobe with limited budget)… going up and down the escalators and round the floor (and all this was done in Parkson Grand only and we’re already having back aches!!!)

Not to mention, there were breastfeeding stops, spit up, diaper change session, makan session, Emir crying and cranky in the stroller… hungry tummy (Again!) (Not just Emir)… So Saturday was just an ok experience leading to the decision to go again on Sun, where we decided it would be best to leave Emir with his grandmother so we can just do some serious shopping.

Sunday was spent at Factor Outlet and it was a good buy for Erwin. Can you imagine three (3) pieces of Charles Jourdan long sleeves shirts for RM100.00 (buying it individually would cost you RM98.00 per piece). I’m so jealous!!!! I told Erwin buying clothes for men are so easy!!!

There were also Bonia shoes as 50% discount at Parkson Grand which was a good bargain but we didn’t get it caused we felt too much guilt for spending so much already and by then we were both hungry and tired and hungry and were missing Emir so much that we wanted to go back there and then…

We also found 70% discount at Pierre Cardin boutique and bought two (2) nice t-shirts at RM32.70/each… (Original price was RM109.00 which was absurd in the first place right?)

Still there were things (Bear in mind, these items have become necessity at this point!!) yet to be bought… Erwin needs a new pair of sandals, shoes for work and shorts.

Basically, we need more time, energy and money to shop…

All the above are things bought for Erwin… and I’ve not started on things for myself yet wawawa… We feel like going again to shop, but then again it feels like we’re not spending much time with Emir over the weekends plus we’re just lazy slackers.. too lazy to shop for ourselves even … so teruk, I know…

Oh ya, did I mention we manage to grab two (2) items for Erwin’s brothers who’ll be celebrating their birthdays on 3.11.2008 and 5.11.2008 respectively….. See, told ya buying things for others are so much easier than buying things for myself….

In the mean time, we’re happy enough just waiting for money to fall out of the sky and straight into our wallet…. to continue our quest to fill up our much in dire strait wardrobe rut….


chubbyhubby said... true...bila duit nak gugok dari langit tok.....lamak dah nunggu...hahahhahahaahaha

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