Monday, November 10, 2008

The wonderful world of breastfeeding

After we found out that I was pregnant with Emir, there was no doubt that I would breastfeed Emir, but "reading" about it and actually "doing it" are two completely separate things.
Initially, I admit, it was very tiring at times especially during the first two (2) months when all I did was breastfeed and breastfeed Emir every 1 and 1 1/2 hour interval, not to mention the night feedings when I have yet to master breastfeeding Emir lying down.. where I would have to get up and sit (while doozing off) down in the middle of the night and feed Emir..
It was also very frustrating when Emir had jaundice for almost 1 month. The doctor was telling me to breastfeed Emir as much as possible as it would flush away all the jaundice yet it took so long for his jaundice to subside... I was having thoughts like "Am I feeding him enough?", "Should I consider formula already?", "Would I be a bad mummy if I don't breastfeed him?", "Would the guilt ever go away if I decide to give him formula milk instead?".... etc etc
I've friends who seemed to be effortlessly exclusively breastfeeding their babies for their first six months and they sure helped me out when there are times when I almost gave up... Friends like Dr Sy Hafizah and Zairin helped a lot by sharing with me their experiences... They gave me the boost that I needed and confidence to breastfeed... If they can do it, so can I right?
My chubbyhubby was also very supportive and I know I couldn't have done it without him.
Now, with practise, i can express breastmilk for Emir and leave some for him at the nursery atleast 1-2 bottles a day... and even leaving him 1 bottle a day is satisfying enough for me..
Emir is already 8m+ now and I am still breastfeeding yeay!! I do hope I can breastfeed him until he is 1yr old and Insya Allah, to the best of my ability, I will try to breastfeed Emir until he is 2yrs old according to Sunnah.
The wonderful world of breastfeeding is that it can be done anywhere at any time, without having to bring along bottles, formula, hot water, checking for the right water temperature.. as and when he needs to be fed.. plus it is indeed economical also... and that I hope that Emir will benefit from the wondrous and almost magical (as it changes according to baby's needs at his every stage of development) breastmilk.
Especially with the melamine scare in China, I am even more thankful that I breastfeed Emir. There are times when I am unable to breastfeed him or express milk for him, Emir is still flexible enough to drink formula milk (Anmum) but I do hope that I can breastfeed him more than his consumption of formula milk.
For mummies out there, there may be time when you would feel tired or discouraged, but as my friend, Dr Hafizah said it is a very satisfying and rewarding experience... and I totally agree!!
Nonetheless, so far, even if the government advocates breastfeeding, (and even on tins of formula milk states that "Susu ibu adalah makanan terbaik untuk baby" - You tell me: how can I not feel guilty had I decided to not breastfeed and simply give up during the early stages of Emir's life"), there are very few places which actually provides a breastfeeding place/room for mummies... even at government clinics, there was none to be seen. Normah Medical Specialist Centre provides breastfeeding room which is like such a blessing for breastfeeding mummies like me... Same goes for Parkson Grand at the Spring. I found one more at Poppies, The Spring.
Probably government should create by-laws advocating that all buildings should have a breastfeeding room and that the room should always be in a clean/sterile environment for both mummy and baby.
In the mean time, do pray that I can breastfeed Emir until he is 2yrs of age and for all mummies out there who are able to/choose to/still breastfeeding.... chayo! chayo! You have my support wuhuuu!!!

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chubbyhubby said...

I totally agree...besides the obvious goodness of breast milk.. you just cannot deny the economic factor....It saves a lot of money...More than that you have the luxury of not carrying supplies in large water, powdered milk and so so gives you mobility and peace of mind that the baby is getting the best milk for him that no money can buy......chayo, chayo..I support mommies and breastmilk..hahahhahahahah