Thursday, March 5, 2009

snippets here and there

itchy itchy
serves me right... itchy laaa.. scratch scratch... too much prawn.. serves me right
Violence in school
I told Erwin we have a son... and boys have different sets of values/culture... when i see a boy being brutally beaten up at a dorm in a school in sarawak... scares the living day light out of me... what is happening to our school children now.. i was in boarding school from form 1 - 3, there was never an incident as such (well, atleast at my school and to the best of my knowledge)... that's it, Emir will have home-schooling... I wish...
Political Unrest
I used to be an idealistic voter.. exercising my right to vote as a voter in a democratic country.. now i dont feel like my one (1) vote carries any values... sigh... the unrest of our political scenario is worry-ing... i get so frustrated discussing politics that i decide NOT to discuss politics... i get so angry when politics turns race/religion into politics... i hate what's happening to our country.. i want my boy to live in a peaceful and harmony country... the idealist in me talking i suppose... having a seating under the tree... that's y i decide NOT to discuss politics.. it sickens me...
Emir sleeping throughout the night
Good boy... alhamdulillah, he has started to sleep the whole night... yeay no more waking up groggy in the middle of the night preparing his milk yeay.... baby's getting enough and uninterrupted sleep yeay... alhamdulillah..
Dental hygiene
Have to go see Dr Japa soon.. am embarrased of my own dental hygiene... terrible terrible
Feeding 38 hungry teenagers
My youngest bro who is studying in UiTM Terengganu branch is coming with his passe all 38 of them from terengganu to kuching for their special project, and one of their agendas is to go to our house (when will they ever get a chance like this again right?)... so we agreed to it... and thought it was a good idea to have BBQ for them... oh why oh why did we agree to it.. the sheer logistic and food involved... exciting but lotsa hard work... will update on outcome of event.. oh pls oh pls let there be enough food amin
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