Thursday, March 5, 2009

emir is 1 yr old yeay!!

emir's bday cake.. yum yum..

emir and his bic/walker by fisher-price

the yummy-licious food we prepared

of course mummy and daddy blew out the candle for him

28.2.2009 @ 830pm-ish onwards

a year ago around this time i was at normah medical specialist centre resting after giving birth to Emir Effendy @ 432pm... what a ride... never once in my wildest dream i thought i'd be a mummy... but Allah swt is great... that is all there is to it...
next thing you know he turned 1 year old and how time sure flies...

so Erwin and I decided to do a small majlis doa selamat for him... just for close family members...

the menu was spaghetti with beef tomato sauce, garlic bread with mushroom potato soup, deep fried marinated chicken wing, mashed potato with gravy.. very the western like that hahaha... emir's grandma contributed fried beehon and pandan cake

emir's aunties... anjang jijah and wa milah contributed the "chocolate indulgence" cake from secret recipe with cute bugs bunny picture on it... so sayang to cut the cake..

erwin recited the doa selamat then we ate...

it was just a small majlis kesyukuran for Emir... nice and private.. food was great ... family members were full and happy

Emir of course was oblivious that the majlis was for him, but he knows something was going on coz he was happy all throughout the majlis.. and most probably that's y that night... all of a sudden he developed the ability to climb chair... table.. sofas... aiyaaa

alhamdulillah majlis went well, wait until he's big enough to understand that the majlis was for him, we might invite more ppl... see la hoooo

anyways enjoy the pictures...

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