Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snippets ... here and there

Hi peeps... it's been a long whirlwind of adventure in my world... busy with cupcakes and family etc etc and since then my adamant determination to update my blog (which also acts as a life journal for me) somehow was put to a halt... well, am back... so here it is ... snippets of here and there ...


They have been a wonderful chapter in my life ... creating new designs for various functions ... not only that it is a wonderful second source of income but then ... what a fulfillment when I manage to deliver each and every order of MyCupcakes' customers.

But ... at this stage it has to be put on hold cause ... there is something else baking in the over and it's not cupcakes hehehe


My boy is now 2years5months and growing up beautifully .... he's getting more conversant now.. learning new words... and my love is endless for him ... thou he does get on mummy's nerve once in a while =)

Still hooked on Ultraman ... but after watching TOY STORY 3 with us .. he seems to be taken with BUZZ .... by the way he watched the whole movie .. but fell asleep during the last 10mins or so of the movie... mummy and daddy so proud of you ... which means we can plan the next movie trip ... DESPICABLE ME Yeay!!


This time around ... it should be called ALL DAY sickness ... the constant nausea and vomitting really wears me out ... not too mention the splitting headaches... and the worst part would be the car sickness after I travel from home to work and vice versa...

I know it is part and parcel of the whole process ... I am not complaining and finding ways to minimise the effects ... but on days it just doesnt do much... I do miss my old active self... luckily reading literature like "What to expect ... " does help and very reassuring when it says ... it is normal to feel as such and that it is OK to not do and complete housechores... and am the luckiest having the most understanding hubby in the world... Emir doesnt have much use of me... so long as daddy is around to care for him ... so in that sense atleast I dont feel I am neglecting him much while I lie down and wait for my headache to subside... the vomitting I can handle.. it's the splitting headache which renders me sometimes immobile ....

Nonetheless, indeed I am very thankful for this second gift and cant wait to meet her/him in person soonest... mummy loves you very very much

... Hmmmm... what else ... oh ya, last weekend Erwin's second bro Irwan finally tied the knot with his fiancee Azilawati (Ilot). The akad was on 3.7.2010 and the reception was held at Civic Centre the day after. But at the same time one of my best friends' wedding was also held on the same day in KL!!! Mixed emotions there .... wish I was there for Ene .... but in my early pregnancy, it is adviseble to take it easy and not travel ... so I only sent love thru my messages and calls...

... Hmmm ... I guess that's about it... I do hope it will get better this second tri mester and that I would be able to complete the one month Ramadhan fasting ... Insya Allah if God is willing...



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