Tuesday, July 13, 2010

15 weeks

Yesterday (12.7.2010) was my check up .. based on my last menses date ie 28.3.2010 ... am now in my 15th week of pregnancy... technically just left the first trimester ... entering into hopefully (like previous pregnancy with Emir) renewed energy and Insya Allah would be able to perform and complete my fast in the month of Ramadhan... Insya Allah...

Result of check up was that ... despite being in my 15th week, the size of tummy indicates that baby is growing well and from the look of the size of the same baby could well be in the 17th-18th week of age.

Felt like crying when I heard what Dr Azizah said cause I have been worried that baby is not getting enough from me due to me losing weight and the vomitting and headache ... Alhamdulillah... in fact I felt so proud of baby and felt that baby is being such a good baby to mummy and daddy by elevating mummy and daddy's worries by growing up well above the supposed weekly gestation.

Actually I was kind of disappointed that there was no scan done on baby cause at this stage Dr Azizah said there wouldnt be much analysis can be done based on scan and hence she only did the check up on the heart beat.

I did a blood test afterwards ... I soooo dont like needles!!!! Brought me back memories when needles were poking my son's feet during him having jaundice... so kesian... I am adamant that second baby will not have to go through that at all... mummy will make sure you are breast fed well ok ok

But am looking forward to my next check up which would be on the 9.8.2010 ... Do pray that baby will fine... First baby... second baby ... the worries are all the same ... and who ever says that you would love your child differently is just that ... a whole lot of talk ...

Anyways, will update you soonest!


Note: Since we manage to clear the check up early by turning up during lunch hour ... we were the second in line ... we picked Emir earlier from the nursery and later went to Pustaka and fed fish!! He had a fun fun time there!!!

But mummy had a few vomitting sessions thou on the way/coming back from PUSTAKA ... and Emir said "mummy nangis" (mummy's crying) when he saw tears (due to vomitting/not crying) ... Note to self: gotta always keep plastic bag in the car!!

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