Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday (9.8.2010) was my monthly check up. Despite the tight schedule that morning (I had a seminar to attend to which thankfully finished earlier/Erwin had to clear his 5s) we manage to see Dr Azizah (without having to wait for hours).

I am in my 19th week and starting my 2nd trimester which means the vomitting has lessen (it is still there but not as bad as the first trimester) and I have gained (gasp!!) back all the weight I lost and even more... huhuhu... courtesy of my daily intake of roti canai... I've tried various types of food for breakfast but the only thing that seems to settle in my tummy and keep me going until lunch time is hmmm... the high carb roti canai).

Alhamdulillah, from the scan baby is doing well... but a bit shy in showing whether we'd buying a pink or blue themed clothings.. .which is not our main concern... we saw the spine, the heart chambers beating... but we couldnt really see the kidneys cause baby was in a sitting down position... and then we saw baby SUCKING his/her thumb!!! What a sight to behold! The beautiful gift from Allah Al-mighty....

We're happy to hear that baby is doing well... from all indication with regards to how different all my pregnancy symptoms was from my firstborn son and the fact that ... usually the size of the second child (usually slightly smaller) would indicate that baby is a girl... Either way, all we want is for the baby to just be happy and healthy....

Mummy daddy and bro Emir cant wait to see you in person dear baby....


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