Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day out with Emir Effendy (20.9.2010)

20.9.2010 - today was my last day of my raya leave so I decided to fully utilise the day and was adamant that it would be a fulfilling day for both Emir and I.

So I woke up early and was all ready to go out with Emir by 9am.
My first plan was to make a stop at DBKU (Jalan Satok) to pay my overdue parking penalty which amounted to RM10. Believe it or not it was for the month of Feb, 2010 and the notice only came out in Sept, 2010!!! Little did I know that there were a lot more overdue parking penalty for my car and so I had them checked Erwin's car too. Yup, you guessed it, there was! I ended up paying RM79.00 (Inclusive of RM5 charges for printing out the list of penalty(ies) for both my car and Erwin's).

So peeps, even if you thought you have paid all your parking coupon fees, you may have missed out a few/missed out the dateline of paying within the 3 working days - just go and have a check at DBKU before it starts piling up!!

Well, after spending that much money that morning, we got hungry and decided to have a light snack - I took Emir to Bombay Masala, Jalan Kulas and we had roti canai and tossee.

He could finish half of the tossee and loves to dip them into all the sauce(s).

Ok - DBKU done! Tummy filled!
Next destination - Choicefood Supermall. I needed to get some groceries for the house and buy some baking stuff for Aurel's birthday cake.

It was almost lunch time and I made the last min decision (before going to Choicefood Supermall) to visit the CAT MUSEUM at DBKU's headquarters. I didnt know whether they were open during lunch time but apparently they did! YEAY!!!

Emir was a bit scared to enter the Cat Museum because the "entrance" of the same is a really the head of very very BIG cat ... but he did anyways... he went around the place and was so excited seeing soo many cats in many many forms... pictures, statues etc...

... but they do need to update some of the stuff there... so outdated!!

I couldn't get any nice pictures of him because my camera went all foggy on me as we entered the air-conditioned museum. Outside it was blazing hot!

Well, that was that. You can use your camera for a minimal fee as follows:

We go again k Emir.. next time with Daddy!

Then, off to Choicesupermall (pic still foggy):

All tired - after the trip to DBKU/Bombay Masala/Cat Museum/Choicefood Supermal... and so it's nap time for him:

After he has freshen up and had a nice long nap... it's time to take a dip in the pool with the dinosaurs and power rangers!!! Nice!!

Well, what a nice day for Emir and mummy....


Did I tell you that this is actually my first outting with Emir ON MY OWN!!!
Daddy or there will always be someone with me whenever I go out with him...
well, he was a good boy throughout... we had a fun filled day!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!


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