Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have neglected just another blog due to my laziness and my procrastination self and the absurd thoughts that I could remember it all. Plus I was consumed with updating http://anor-mycupcakes.blogspot.com/

Erwin and I have this habit of asking each other questions like (which I believe most parents are doing?) for example, when did emir actually started walking? or remember the time when emir first climbed a chair?

I used to keep journals of my daily activities manually (since my school-ing and uni days) and I've kept some in various boxes in our house's store (there are movie stubs in there, from bus tickets to written notes from fren) but then when we finally manage to clean the store, I had to throw them away due to storage and cleanliness issues.

Then there's this powerful medium called blogging where the mechanisms are friendly and it is such a sinch to maintain. It is so powerful that it brings people together, bring friends much closer and up to date with the going ons with their own circle of friends or may even form new friendship and have your own personal followers.

I myself have started my own cupcakes adventure through blogging and so do drop by at http://anor-mycupcakes.blogspot.com/.

Anyhow, I've decided that my " just another blog " will have a fresh start. It shall document things that some may find mundane and some may find something in common. But the main aim would be to document my little boy's development and so maybe when I'm old and my grandchildren thinks that I'm too ancient to even know what a computer is, I'd show them that I blogged... And have religiously kept it to document my small little world and how it revolved around family and friends... And I'd be so proud!

Plus having my own new Nokia E71 makes it easy for me to do just a write up in my office document and will just upload and edit them later.

Insya allah, I may log in and re-read this entry years down the road and would be glad that I kept it.

Do follow my development and see whether I'd be true to my word!


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