Wednesday, November 4, 2009

28.10.2009 - time to go home... bye bye KL....

It's finally the day to pack up and go home.

Emir had his last fun in the bathtub... he even did a swimming motion ON HIS OWN! Baby instinct I suppose. Bye bye bath tub.

That is his PEACE sign... he did it on his own! So clever! Mummy so proud!

I woke up early and packed all our stuff... I am very systematic when it comes to this... and I am a good packer and am proud of this skill. After that we left Emir with Jijah for awhile while we run downstairs to Robinson and grabbed what we can. Erwin got his new shoes and loafers and t-shirts. Emir got his doodle toy and a pair of BEN10 Shoes (which later was too small for him.. sob sob.. they were so darn cute!!)

Apparently, the Gardens have this automatic system whereby once you have exceeded the check out time which is 12noon... everything shuts down, even the phone line... so we extended our check out time till 1pm to enable me to finalise packing and everything. A final sweep of the room... all coast is clear...

Emir with daddy... it was un-intentional thou.. the red t-shirts

Then, off to KLIA using a cab which cost quite a hefty sum ie RM150... but considering the time and our stuff... it was worth paying the money... we got to KLIA in time... and we could dispense the lugging around of luggages.. logistic peeps.. logistic...

bye bye Gardens..

Emir doodle-d while waiting for daddy to check us in

We check-ed in and guess who was inthe same flight? `cle BOB - Emir would say....

Home sweet home... so tired... Yup, he didnt sleep at all the in plane (I had ear pain ouch ouch ouch)... as soon as touch down... he goes to zzzzzz-land

All in all it was a good trip... had a fun fun time... BYE BYE KL...



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