Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We have been meaning to get one for the house for ages... so everytime Emir needs his bath ... we'd boil water first in our mini electric kettle... and everytime Emir does No. 2... we'd do the same thing... if Emir does No. 2 for the second time in a day... well, you get the pic... so finally, we manage to get one... after a long deliberation and finding time to actually survey for one...

We read about it on the net (and Erwin was right, the forum is better cause they are the honest opinion of end users of the product). We found out that there is a difference between a water heater without pump or with built in pump and... the difference is quite a hefty sum of amount of money.

Bang Usup will help us to install the water heater in our bathroom.

I dont know about you, but somehow or rather we will always go to MEGA (The shop selling electrical goods opposite Regalis Court)... so this time around we decided to try out the shop next to it... KOK SIONG. The sale assistant, Sharon was quite good and manage to provide us (with most of the details we got from our own research prior to going there). I like it when they are helpful and not pushy... she is very attentive and knows when you need your time to think and very quick on her toes when it looked like I was going to ask her something. So, so far our experience there is quite good so we'd recommend you to try it out and see if it is true to our word. Look for Sharon.

Some of the pictures taken that day:

He had a field day looking at the huge screen.. and cartoon was on!

Erwin was showing me something (oh ya the price of really ridicilously cheap LCD TV):
*See what Emir is doin - didnt lift his eyes of those huge LCD TV

Some of the water heater on display:

We got ALPHA (without the built in pump) for RM299.00.
(Last row bottom pic - middle one)

Note: waiting for Bang Usup today.. in the mean, we'll just boil some water first.. ahakss..

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