Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's the fourth day of raya and we decided to bring Emir to see Dr Alex of Normah Medical Special Centre (NMSC) for his shot. This time around it's for polio and tetanus shot I think.

Initially the shot was supposed to be on the 22.9 but it was a public holiday so they called to come to another date instead. Hence many parents decided to bring their children to nmsc today too and hence the one hour waiting.

What Emir did while waiting for his turn:

In the mean time, Emir's weight now is 11.8 - 12kg kg and Dr Alex said it's a good no. Alhamdulillah.

We're happy. His next shot would be after he turns 2 which is 5 months from now on 28.02.010. Then we spent the whole afternoon at the SPRING cause we wanted some sense of something normal after the chaotic visiting raya for the past three days. Emir did the no 2 at mph bookstore so we wanted to go and change his popo pants but the thing was he was screaming his head off refusing to let go of this animal book so Erwin said to just pay off the book. So I did. Turned out it was RM47.10! Not that I want to be stingy with my own anak but it's meant for a three year old.

Emir said Duck-ie"

I suppose that explains the fascination with the book because 1. he recognises the ducklings pic on the cover of the book and 2. everytime he takes his bath there will be his duck-ies accompanying him =)

These are pictures taken prior to the popo incident. He saw these two girls reading at a corner so he grabbed a book (yes, you guessed it correctly - the book from the popo screaming head incident ) and joined in :)

The both of us combined and later on his grandparents couldn't compete with his endless energy. At his grandparents' house he was climbing and running and laughing and dancing and singing... Well, you get the picture.

Kitchen Aid Artisan

Speaking of pictures, here are some of things we did today: at Parkson Grand, Erwin found my "dream"...... I SO want this for myself despite having bought myself one heavy duty mixer.

In the mean time, Emir thought the magnetic price tag was a handphone so he decided to say hello ;P

Later that night I had fever aiyaa... In fact got some baking to do... Aiyaa...


Awesome Blossome said...

The baking must go on, yes. Glad to know you had a wonderful Raya! If ada time, do check out our 'Pilah''delphia family blog http://amiromar.wordpress.com/ . Sometimes buat I terglak sorang2 kat ofis....

My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

hi ene dear

i miss you sooo much! will do will do.. and yes the baking must go on!

when i couldnt do any of my work, blogging is a definite de-stresser

you take care k