Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our First Open House @ Sun @ 27.9.2009

Ok, It's the day before our open house and in actual fact we've been planning for the past three except then there were not enough manpower until both my sis and cousin were transferred back to Kuching both respectively from Johor and KL.

Of course we slept late that night preparing for the two main dish chicken soto and spaghetti (the main chef was my sister of course! Kudos to her for preparing both dishes which got many praises from our guests).

Erwin's mom made chicken briyani and dhal and we ordered 250 pieces of satay . I baked cupcakes too (later didn't have the time to make the buttercream and served them plain - which was better coz later on we packed them individually and gave them away as door gifts). Over all it was a success! We are happy!

Alhamdulillah, guests were all well fed, angpows and cupcakes were all given away. Emir didn't want to sleep what with all the raya open house commotion but later one when Kak umi (one of his pengasuh (nanny) from the nursery came, it took her a few minutes to make little Emir fall asleep - we call it the nanny power). He slept almost two hours which gave us ample time to entertain our guests.

From this first experience, we now know and Insya allah would be more prepared for next year's open house.

One of the changes we would make would be time would be allocated for each family members' guests to come for eg Erwin's friends would come from such and such time, then it'd be for my guests etc etc all in all, we had a good time, tiring but a satisfying experience ......

We didn't have time to take pictures of our first raya but the aftermath picture says it all: anyways, Selamat hari raya peeps and maaf zahir batin and may Allah swt blesses us all!

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