Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a good time at sarawak club

I am an avid fan... no, actually addicted to vietnamese prawn at Sarawak Club.... Yesterday Mon (5.10.09) we had lunch there with our good buddy Bob @ Uncle Bob to our little boy EMIR...

Believe it or not... most likely those who knows me would believe it.. i finished the whole bowl of a 39gm worth of prawns all by myself!

During the first tri-mester of my pregnancy with Emir, there are times when I couldnt hold any food at all and there are times when I could just eat a whole lot but when it comes to buffet, my pregnancy seems to be agree-able to eating and eating and eating... if my memory serves me right, I went to a lot of buffets with Erwin and Bob during my pregnancy...

I suppose that's why Emir had this kinship with his Uncle Bob and an immediate liking to him =)

He had memories of him since even before he was born =)

Anyhow, Emir saw some huge sized toys there and couldnt resist (of course) playing there despite the hot sun....

Emir said "Vrooommmm....."

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