Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raya Reunion 23.9.2009 @ the Banquet

Last night my friends and I had a mini reunion at the Banquet. Thanks to facebook, communication was easy and the determination of our friend, Iswardy Morni @ Sotong and Hj Fuad, the mini first attempt reunion finally realised! 16 people attended and there were 6 kids (1 belongs to me, Aimie brought 2 and Is brought 3).

Some just met each other the day before yet it feels like they've not meet each other for years. Kids were restless and crying. Food were gone in seconds. Endless photo sessions, catching up with the never old stories and memories and updating new ones. Married, not married, changes... Or not much physical changes (?)....

After all, all the faces I saw that night was exactly the same ones I have from my memories all the way back in the year 1994! Which is definitely a good good thing! Forever young!

All in all it was a success as evidently shown in the pictures herein (courtesy of friends).
In the mean time emir was busy helping the floor manager hanging up drapes on stage.

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