Tuesday, October 6, 2009

snippets of raya

Ramadhan came and left in a blink on an eye this year... is it just me or do you feel the same?

Yesterday night (Sun @ 4.10.2009), my family and I finally managed to steal some time to visit our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS, believe you me? Of course they welcomed us into their homes in their non-raya customes hehehe.... but the visiting must go on right?

Plus this raya, we had to choose compulsory houses of family members prior to visiting otherwise we'd be home by midnight and it is not easy visiting with a baby in tow...

Anyhow, these are some pictures of little Emir during this Hari Raya:

Selamat hari raya and Maaf Zahir Batin
Erwin Effendy Sajali
Anorrisah Mohd Nassir
Emir Effendy bin Erwin Effendy

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