Monday, October 12, 2009

Emir's Second Raya celebration at Nursery (Taska Hikmah Bina) Petra Jaya

There was a notice in front of Emir's nursery inviting parents to attend their raya celebration at the nursery on Friday @ 9.10.2009 starting at 430pm. We were told to bring food and drinks and that the kids are to wear their raya clothings. Erwin and I were looking forward to this cause we know Emir would be very happy having his parents at his "school"...

This is Emir's second raya celebration at the nursery but a first for us as parents and we were looking forward to it. We know we'll have a good time and Emir would enjoy himself there esp when the two of us are there.

I thought a cake would nice for the event and I made a 10" vanilla flavoured sponge cake (layered with fresh cream and peaches) and frosted with vanilla buttercream frosting and made some cupcakes for the event.

I made some vanilla cupcakes too... I put very little buttercream as I didnt want any of the parents to blame me for the sugar rush and any of their kids climbing walls due to excessive sugar intake..

The spread were wonderful and that the parents are very generous with their contributions for the day.

We get to see Emir in his elements hehehe

(see how smartly dressed he is in his Baju Melayu.... prior to food and drinks of course)

He was all looking mighty fine in his baju melayu... before he had food and drinks.. later on he was going around shirt-less before we manage to catch him and put on a shirt...

Emir sat still for the photo session:

From Left: Ibu (the principal), Kak Mon, Me, Intan (Rizqie's mother), Kak Umi

Later on, he got bored with all the photo sessions and was adamant to be off scott free... See, how "Easy" it is go get Emir to settle down and take pictures.

NOTE: Can you see what he's doing while everyone was taking pictures?

Emir, Kak Umi and I

Kak Umi - who has taken care of Emir since he was 2 months old - she helped me a lot with raising Emir (being a cluess new mom that I was) and answered a lot of my questions... Thank you Kak Umi for taking care of my heart and soul.... and if only my mother was still alive... sigh.... she would have loved Emir with all her heart.... sob sob sob...

Some of the pictures taken:

Emir's mummy and daddy

Emir mamam mee with mummy

Oh ya, he can smile on cue now... if you say "Smile Emir", he'd give you this grin:

Few pictures of the cake taken before we left for home:

We had a good time with good food and good company. Emir had a blast and a full tummy that is what matters the most!

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