Monday, October 12, 2009

Emir's Time Out

How do you discipline your child?

I love my son with all my heart and being... but sometimes, he does try my patience some times... like...he climbs tables and chairs (i do love the fact that he is being adventurous and that at this age, this is what they are supposed to do... but at the same time i dont want him to fall down and be hurt), you do know what I mean right...

We have cats at home and that there is a place for them to eat and drink in our kitchen and despite being reprimanded for the umptenth time, he would still go and play with the cat's dry food and their bowl of water. Everytime he does this, we would first wash his hands and then put him at his "time out" corner and told him repeatedly not to do that again.

Whenever we ask him whether he'd do this again, he'd seemed to understand that what he did was wrong and he would shake his head (and point out to the cat's eating area).

I would lecture him that those are not his toys and when I raise his voice he'd cry his heart out and this would break my heart. But I do have to do this so that he knows that whenever he did something wrong there will be consequences.

He knows that he is not to leave his "time out place" unless and until either mummy or daddy says it's ok and that he would "salam" and then give a hug to know that time out is over.

The rest of my family members would try their best to keep a straight face... I mean look at him:

I do hope that Erwin and I would be able to raise a good boy with a good sense in his mind and heart.

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