Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My son is now almost 12kg and I for one, despite all my motherly love I, cannot hold him for long ... coz he is heavier than a bag of rice... and that would be his daddy's department - carrying Emir around ... can you imagine lugging around that much weight for 1-2 hour while window shopping... say at the huge compounds of the SPRING!

So, finally his knee gave in, last sun it was a bit swollen and Erwin thought that it'd be ok by next morning but then once he woke up that monday morning, the right leg has swollen and the swelling on his knee has become more apparent and he could hardly walk.

So, we went to Normah for a check up and he was sent to A & E and later on was sent to get an x-ray. Doctor said it'd be better to have MRI done, but he told us it would cost.. gasp! RM700!! So, we settled with x-ray instead. It costs a bomb!! I asked my sister how much SGH would cost and she told me that referral from Normah would be charged the same but if it is a direct case at SGH and not an emergency case like Erwin, then he would be put on a waiting list.

So we decided to follow the doctor's advise to just see how it goes for the next two days. And we have a trip coming over the weekends which we have been looking forward to.... hopefully Erwin would be completely healed by then. Insya Allah.

He was given a 2 day leave (which I think is not enough - which later turned out to be true to my word cause today he's still limping and he said his leg is still throbbing). So I told him to get another leave just to make sure.

Medical costs now are very costly... and I do pray and hope that Allah swt will always have His grace and blessing on us all... especially when it comes to our health and well being... amin

Sempat hahaha....
Do take good care of your self peeps.... money, anything and everything doesnt mean squat when you are not in the best of your health!

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