Monday, October 12, 2009

Wakaf Seminar at Grand Margherita @ 9-10/10/2009

I attended this Implementation of Wakaf seminar at Grand Margherita @ 9-10/10/2009 on behalf of my office. It was well attended and there were 6 project papers altogether.

What struck me the most out of this seminar is that wakaf can do so much for the ummah and I learnt that University Al-Azhar was the product of Wakaf and can you imagine the numbers of students they have produced every year!

I was impressed with WAEES Investment (a company operating under the Wakaf principles) dealing with wakaf properties in Singapore and how they have developed and generated huge amounts of income out of the Wakaf properties and I do hope that the implementation of Wakaf in Sarawak would be able to emulate the same.

Sometimes, you do know that Seminars do get the best of you.... like one of the emcee said: "Hopefully no one is using "cermin mata kulit" (skin sunglasses) at the moment...." Initially, I was like... what?!! Then only it dawned on me that it was "falling asleep" during the seminar ie... your eyes are closed... get it? hehehe funny

And some resorted to bringing tidbits and raya biscuits... very ingenious... why not make yourself wholly comfortable to last throughout the seminar right?

One of the speakers who happened to sit next to me was actually my senior during my high school years and since I am very good with faces and the fact that she has not changed much, helped to.

Anyhow, the seminar was very informative and was good experience for me.

Note: the last pic is just for fun.. i thought the chandelier looked lovely!

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