Monday, October 12, 2009

One of Our Fav (breakfast) food - mee pok and mee kolok at Sepinang Sari Cafe, flyover Jalan Satok

My family and I are addicted to Sepinang Sari Cafe's mee pok and mee kolok and it has been our ritual to eat our breakfast there every weekend.

That's my friend Aisyah...

The fact of the matter is that, we have to pre-book our mee (luckily Aisyah, the proprietor, Haji Salleh's daughter is my friend) and I would call her personally to do the same. And that there are many mee pok and mee kolok enthusiasts other than our family and that they are just like us willing to wait for hours (sometimes) for our delicious mee.

On a good day, we are served immediately because the place is run very efficiently by Aisyah (who does the mee), her sister (Ida) who handles the order together with another helper, KO and the drinks are prepared by Ina. On a peak hour time like during weekends, like last Sun @ 11.10.2009, we waited almost one (1) hour for our mee.

Usually there would be Eight of us, but since my cousin was working that morning and my youngest bro is in UiTM Shah Alam at the moment, There were the five of us: Erwin, Emir and I and my sis, my cousin and my sister. Erwin had to entertain Emir else where because he got tired of waiting and was restless. Later on, they came back with orange juice and some fruits which they bought at Wisma Satok nearby.

Some pictures taken during the one hour plus wait:

Oh ya, we also love the tendon soup and the beef soup.

One hour of waiting and took less than 5 minutes to gobble everything up.

Then we'd be looking forward to next weekend again...

Seriously the mee is that good!

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Awesome Blossome said...

I remember this place! Nasib baiklah Kuching tu jauh. If not, I think every week jugak I kena 'pekena' mee kolok. Hihihi..Another one is the one that has ABC yg meriah giler tu...Forgot it's name. Slurrrrpppp!